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WordPress Website Un-hacking and Protection

Wordpress LogoWe have recently been retained by a leading UK Company to un-hack several of their WordPress websites and then to provide protection and monitoring of them. One site in particular had been the target for a sustained attack over an extended period which not only breached their existing website security but also put thousands of their customers at risk of acquiring viruses.

Google also recognised the attack and blocked everyone from going to the website and also issued a very severe warning about the impact if you did. This had the potential to affect our client’s reputation and their position as the leaders in their industry.

We were retained to un-hack the sites, remove them from Google’s black list, remove all the viruses and install protection to avoid a recurrence. We were then also retained to provide monitoring of their sites to ensure the protection we had installed was active and to react as soon as there were way signs of further attacks.

If you want to protect your WordPress sites(s) from attack, including DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and need a professional, experienced company to do this then please contact us.