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Problems With E-mail And Microsoft Outlook

A common problem for Small Businesses is configuring e-mail and making the best use of Microsoft Outlook.

There are a number of ways of configuring Outlook to fetch your mail. If you have multiple mail addresses, perhaps used by different people, how best to work together?

And the biggest confusion of all, Outlook’s attempt to automatically archive your mail. In many cases it is best to disable Outlook’s automatic archiving.  Archiving can be switched on for individual folders as required.

A then there’s spam. You don’t have to put up with high levels of spam. This can reduced this to a trickle rather than a deluge.

Tip: Create your own Archive folders, for for each quarter, year or whatever is approprite for you and drag your older files as a group into the appropriate.

Tip: If there is more than one person dealing with emails arriving to multiple email addresses a good solution is to designate one of the PCs as the master and use synchronising software to duplicate the incoming email to the other PCs.  Mail can be sent from any of the PCs. Sent mail from any one of the PCs are atomatically transferred to the other computers.