Driving your IT costs down


Security is vitally important to your business and should be an integral part of each and every part of your IT systems as well as your policies and procedures.

Human Resources (HR) policies:We can write an IT policy specifically tailored to suit your business. It will cover such areas as PC, Server and Network security policies and the type of passwords and the frequencies your staff must change them.

PC/Laptop: ensure only authorised staff have access.

Servers: Ensure only authorised support staff have access.

Network (Wired/Wireless): Ensure only authorised staff have access and only authorised support staff can modify settings.

Physical Access: Ensure all physical access to your equipment and data is secure.

Offsite backup: 60% of all businesses who lose their entire IT capacity in, for example, a disaster and do not have offsite backup storage cease trading within a year of the disaster.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: This is more than an IT issue. If your business premises were badly damaged do you have adequate plans in place, and that you test regularly, to recover?

We will work with you to make sure your business is protected as much as is economically feasible in your unique circumstances.