Driving your IT costs down


We can advise you on what computer networking your organisation needs and recommend the next steps. Here are some areas we may be able to assist you with:

Local Area Netowrk (LAN): Cabling, network equipment, access among PCs hard drives.

Wide Area Network (WAN): If you have more than one office or building, multi-office, and you want to inter connect them.

Peer-to-Peer Network: Allows each of your PCs/Laptops to share files on each other securely across the LAN.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)/Broadband: Advise on which ISP and Broadband is most suitable and cost effective for you depending on your requirements.

Home Workers: Establish secure access to your office services from workers at home.

Phone Systems: Including Voice over IP (VoIP) to make low cost/no cost telephone or video conferencing calls over the internet.

e-mail: establish an e-mail service and configure your PCs.

Network Security: Check that only authorised people can access your computer systems.

Wireless Networking: Can be beneficial to your business but you must be aware of the security risks and how to avoid them.

Hosting Services: We can host your e-mail, web sites, and also supply mobile e-mail – Windows © and Blackberry devices.