Driving your IT costs down


You need to be certain your computer systems are operating at peak efficiency and free from viruses and other threats to your business. We will audit your IT systems and provide you with our recommendations.

Here are some areas we may be able to assist you with: Older PCs & Laptops may need to be upgraded – more memory or larger capacity hard drive. They may need to be replaced.

Desktop PCs & Laptops:

Sofware versions: Are all your PCs/Laptops running the same version of software and are they all at the same security release level? For example, are they all running the same version of Microsoft © Outlook and are they all at the same security release version.

System Security: Ensure that only authorised people have access to your information.

Antivirus Visit each PC/Laptop and check that the antivirus program is installed and correctly configured and that there are no viruses or other malware.

e-mail: Ensure your e-mail system is correctly configured.

Migration planning: You should be thinking about migrating from Windows XP especially is you have Serviecv Pack2 (SP2) as Microsoft no longer support this version, You need to be on SP3. Windows 7 and Ofice 2010 are the Microsoft recommended versions. Let us help you plan your migrartion.

Back-ups: Are you sure your daily, weekly and monthly backups are being carried out? Do you test them regularly? Do you store them offsite? We can help you plan and test your back up strategy.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Is your expensive equipment protected from power outages or power surges? We strongly recommend you protect your most vulnerable equipment with a UPS.

System performance: Your PCs, and servers need to be responsive. We will check them.

Capacity Planning: Look at the growth of your systems and plan that the capacity will be there when it is required.

Following the visit, we will provide a written report on the status of your system and any recommendations for remedial work. For regular preventative computer maintenance we recommend that you sign up for one of our IT support contracts.

If you are interested in a high-level and strategic review of your business IT systems and infrastructure, we will spend a day on site to meet with you and gain an in-depth understanding of your business processes, requirements and future plans. The remainder of the on-site time is given to reviewing your current system set up, including all the key system components and a check on individual desktop computers.

Following the on-site visit, we will produce a comprehensive report, covering all aspects of your IT infrastructure, with recommendations for areas of concern and options available to improve the efficiency and security of your business systems.