Driving your IT costs down

We can help you with your unique IT requirements?

Start-up Companies

You’ve just started a new business but how do you find and implement cost effective, afforable  IT? Well we provide just the answer, equipment rental. This solves your need to inject large capital into your business at the beginning.

Established companies

You may have had an IT support agreement for some time. Well it is very likely that we can provide a better service less expensively. If it’s not something you’ve looked into recently then you are almost certainly paying more than you need to.

Specialist Companies

With experience in a number of industries, we can help you by offering you advice that we have gained from working with other companies in your industry. For example Professional Services, Warehousing, Newspaper Printing, Travel Agent, Accounting and many more.

Common issues we find are:

  • Hosting your web site is expensive.
  • Your current web site provider is taking you for granted – they take a long time to apply updates and expect large payments for them.
  • You are using a spreadsheet to manage inventory instead of an affordable inventory management system.
  • You are paying an accountant to do your book-keeping instead of using Sage accounting yourself.
  • You have a server that is expensive and complex to maintain but you have a small office with few users.
  • You have more than one office and need them working as one.
  • You need to be able to work from home.
  • You need an affordable way to access your emails while on the move.
  • You suspect that your current IT provider is proposing an overly complex & expensive solution.