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Crippling Viruses

Do you have crippling viruses on your PC?

There has been a recent increase in the number of customers and people we know who have had viruses cripple their PCs and laptops.

Even though they have well known and generally reliable Anti-Virus protection on their PCs, their PCs will not connect to the Internet nor will they allow themselves to be AV scanned. In some severe cases the PCs are almost useless and won’t even allow themselves to booted in Safe Mode.

Well, we have a suggestion; Avira PC Cleaner.

Avira LogoAs agents for Avira we recommend this one-off solution to identify and remove crippling viruses.

It’s a little tricky for most people but you can download the program and the latest ‘pattern files’ and run it in ‘Command Mode’ – if your PC will allow. For more severe infestations you may need to create a boot-able USB memory stick with Avira PC Cleaner on it. You then re-boot your PC which boots up from the USB memory stick and Avira PC Cleaner will remove the viruses. This is a bit more technical and in this case we would suggest you ask an expert to do this for you.

Contact us and we’ll give you free advice on removing crippling viruses from your PCs and laptops.