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At Computer Business Services quality, service and reducing our client’s IT costs are our top priorities

We have been in IT for over 30 years and have a great deal of experience in a number of industries.

We are passionate about our belief the that the majority of companies are paying far too much for modern IT Supplies, Services and Support.  How has this situation arisen?   During the the rapid growth in IT requirements over the last 15 years;

  • equipment was initially very expensive
  • website design was a long drawn out complicated process
  • there was a shortage of skilled people
  • during the ‘dot com’ boom years around the turn of the century many companies were jumping on to the bandwagon as high fees could be charged.
  • Internet bandwidths were low and the cost per megabyte high

The high charges today is the continuing fallout from these heydays.  During recent years;

  • equipment has matured and the rapid change in technology has slowed down
  • traditional practices of having a file server, individual PCs and an on-site email server are being replaced by alternative, lower cost and more convenient solutions
  • website design has become much simplified and it is now possible for the content to be edited by the website owner who no longer has to pay for expensive updates
  • the costs of hosting websites and providing email addresses has reduced dramatically
  • spam filtering and antivirus checks can usually be applied before the mail is sent to the recipient

As a result the cost of providing most aspects of IT systems has fallen dramatically while the prices charged by IT Suppliers has largely not followed this trend.  The ‘new kid on the block’ is Cloud Computing which has the potential to further reduce IT costs.  Computer Business Services is determined to pass on these savings to all it’s clients.


If want to reduce your IT costs while maintaining a top quality service including unlimited on-site visits, contact Computer Business Services today