Driving your IT costs down

Increase your Productivity & Enjoyment, Reduce Fatigue & Stress

What can do all off the above – get yourself a 2nd monitor. It doesn’t matter if you are a business or a home PC user you will benefit.

The biggest productivity gain you will get is the ability to have two full sized windows open, one on each monitor.  Windows will remember which window is displayed on a particular monitor.  For example my summary list of emails are shown on my left hand monitor.  To display a particular email or reply I double click it and it auto appears on my right hand monitor.  I can then scroll down the rest of my emails on my left screen. I guarantee once you start using two monitors you will wonder how you ever managed before.

Can I use my existing PC? All laptops have external monitor capability. Many modern mid to high performance desktop PCs have dual monitor outputs as standard. If not, all PCs allow you to add a graphics card in addition to, or instead of the in-built graphics capability. These are not expensive – from £25.

Connector types.  There are 4 types of video connectors in use. The oldest is the blue face VGA high density D type. DVI is a multi-pin rectangular socket which comes in analogue and digital variants. HDMI is the same as found on the back of TVs to connect DVD players etc. Finally, the Display Port is the most advanced.  Adaptors are available to connect between different types.

Monitor Types. I recommend that each monitor is capable of displaying the same screen resolution and are widescreen types.  Minimum size (measured diagonally) 20”, ideally 21.5”.

Malware follow-up. Last month we explained about Malware and Viruses. We also touched on how devastating being infected by Ransomware can be. Computer Business Services (CBS) is pleased to announce that during January we became an official Malwarebytes Partner. This ensures we can provide excellent protection and the best ant-malware support for our clients, at a reasonable cost.

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